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          The NFT Collection

When we came up with the idea of this board game several years ago, our initial plan was to set it up through Kickstarter. We always hesitated however, because we never saw Cranky Critters as just a board game. We see Cranky Critters as a franchise that can be centered around community and that can offer utility to the 'core supporters' of the brand. This includes a board game, but can also include exclusive merch, airdrops, events, online games, etc.

When we entered the NFT space, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for us. We realized NFTs can do what Kickstarter was lacking: form a community around this common interest and offer utility and value to fans and enthusiasts of the brand. We can consider the NFT a 'membership' card of the brand, which will entitle you to all sorts of exclusives.

Our goal is to provide short term and long term utility for holders, both for the NFT and for the board game.

Main NFT collection

Our main collection is called Cranky Critters NFTs and holding these will give you all the benefits we will ever provide for NFT holders. Consider this the 'main membership card'.

There's 6 different Critter types in our main collection:
cat, raccoon, bunny, fox, bee and chicken.

Aside from Critter type, each NFT is made up of 6 core traits:
eyes, mouth, outfit, head, identity and background.
Traits will vary in rarity impacting overall rarity score.

While almost all traits are randomized, background colors are not.
Background colors are tied to rarity. It's an easy, visual way to show off rarity and additionally you won't find any critters that are identical, as backgrounds will not count as a randomized trait. We want every Critter to feel unique.

Each Cranky Critter NFT is a verifiably unique ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Other NFTs we've released


Up next:

Expansion 1 coming soon

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