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          The Board Game


What's it about?

We’ve all had one of those days where nothing goes right!
You start off fine, but pretty soon the tables turn and the world is telling you “haha…not today”. Maybe you lose your wallet and then your keys, and then you drop your phone coming out of the car. Finally at some point you just lose your shit.

Is there a bright side? Well, what makes a shitty day better? Is it the love and warmth of your friends?... Yeah right! It’s seeing someone else having a worse day! It’s like pushing a buddy off a cliff so he can break your fall when you get pushed by someone else. We’ve all been there, right? Right?!

Basically, we've created a funny board game where a lot of things happen that make you crankier and crankier and the goal is to be the last one to flip out. You can screw over other players, cause misery loves company, and try and cheer yourself up a bit while they get even crankier.


Playing the Board Game


Try to stay sane as the universe works against you. The last one to flip out wins the game.


Everything that pisses you off will increase your Crank level. The only thing that gives you brief happiness is completing missions, which will reduce your Crank level slightly. When your Crank-meter is full, you flip out and turn into a MEGACRANK. You can no longer win the game, but you can take out your frustration on your fellow players!


Every turn you place a tile. The tiles will create the map of town that your pieces move on. The tile you draw will have info on what cards to draw.

When you have to draw an event card, this is the pile to do it from. This will signify an event that most likely will piss you off.

These cards stay on your character player card and will give you benefits or disadvantages. Some may be discarded for an effect if the card specifies that. Loot can be a head-item, outfit, hand-item, foot-item, an accessory or a consumable.

You will always have 3 missions in your hand. Completing missions will reduce your Crank level, even if just for a short time.

Gameplay elements

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