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We are Cranky Critters

We're creating a fun Board Game with a likeminded web3 community at it's core.


The idea for Cranky Critters started in 2014. Sara Kiss had been drawing cutesy angry designs and noticed there was a big market for them. Her idea was to create a franchise called Cranky Critters with more merch that featured angry and cute animals.

Her husband, Joren Claesen, came up with the great idea of creating a board game based on 'one of those days'. Finding himself easily frustrated in day-to-day life he could think of plenty of things that could happen in a board game that is meant to be your worst day ever.

As they both had kids, plans got put on hold until 2021. As they entered the NFT space with Sara's brother Arno Kiss, who was an illustrator himself, the pieces of the puzzle quickly fell into place. What Kickstarter was lacking, they found in the web3 space: a connected, vibrant community and a way to give your supporters easy access to more benefits and exclusives. 


What We Are About


Good communication and transparency is key to create a community that is based on mutual respect and trust. We strive to be as open as possible.

web2 meets web3

Both web2 natives as web3 enthusiasts will be able to find value in our project. Our physical items are directly linked to our NFT collections.


Our focus is a community centered project where our fans and holders have real influence over key development and additional roadmap suggestions.

Meet the Team

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